Co-curricular (in-school time) provision

Allowing part of the timetable to be dedicated to Scouting can fulfil obligations such as enrichment time, Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) development and British values; a whole host of current educational agendas whilst growing the Scouting Movement at the same time.

This provision is not available yet, but register your interest and we will contact you once it is.

What does this kind of partnership look like?

Provision is delivered during the school day, either to specific classes or year groups, or as whole school provision. Teachers, support staff or parents/carers act as leaders.

This can be linked to educational agendas such as the Personal Development area of the Ofsted Common Inspection framework, ‘Wider Achievement’ within Curriculum for Excellence or the Department for Education’s focus on character education.

Bespoke polices and rules will apply to this form of Scouting provision, and these are being developed for academic year 2017/18.

What do you need to think about?

We are currently not promoting in-school-time provision,or supporting its delivery. For academic year 2017/18, we hope to have appropriate policies in place to effectively support this provision. Until then, please still register your interest and we can keep you up to date. 

Horizon, Swanley (Kent)

Friday afternoons are dedicated to Scouting, teachers become Scout Leaders and are referred to by Scout names (e.g. Akela and Baloo), and young people participate in Beaver or Cub activities, earning badges and participating in community events. The school delivers Scouting as part of their PSHE/British values provision, and is supported by the District Commissioner who has played an active role in shaping the schools experience and delivery.  

“Unless I give the children a taste of Scouting during school time, they may never have the opportunity”

– Kate, Headteacher


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