Our commitment to accessibility


Our commitment to accessibility

The Scout Association is dedicated to all its users and members in making futureprepared.org.uk as accessible as possible. The site has been tested against WCAG AA accessibility standards using http://achecker.ca/checker and does not return any Known or Likely issues.

Keyboard navigation

You can use the keyboard to navigate through the site:

  • The arrow keys on the keyboard will scroll up, down, left and right.
  • The space bar if pressed can make the web page jump from top to bottom.
  • The tab button can help navigate to different links on the page. When you arrive on the required link press the return button.
  • The site is semantic and all content has hierarchy

Text size

Our site has been built so that the user can change the size of the text if required. If you use an older browser like Internet Explorer 6, go to File, Text Size, and select the size you need.

Magnifying the screen

If you use Windows XP, you can magnify the size of the screen. Press the Start menu on the Taskbar, then click on All Programs, then Accessories, then Accessibility. Once opened click on Magnifier and the top of the screen will appear much bigger.

Colour and images

All text has a high enough contrast on background colours and buttons. You can adjust the colour in your browser. See the BBC's advice for all browser types. All images will have alt and title tags tags on.

PDF documents

To open PDF documents you will need Adobe Reader which can be downloaded from the Adobe website.

Please contact info.centre@scout.org.uk if you still have trouble opening any of our PDF documents.

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