What is Future Prepared?

Scouting has a rich heritage of working with schools through local, organic partnerships. However we have never had resources to support such collaboration. Future Prepared brings together learning from our historic partnerships with schools alongside two years' worth of consultation, research and pilot projects involving young people, volunteers, teachers and policy makers. The result is a repository of research, evidence and guidance demonstrating how Scouting can complement educational agendas across the UK.

Put simply, Future Prepared is about supporting formal and non-formal education to work together, where volunteers and teachers think it will benefit young people.

Why partner?

60% of teachers think that non-formal learning activities should play a bigger role in the education system. In addition, education policies across the UK are promoting greater efforts to develop young people beyond academic studies.

42% of young people don't think their school provide enough opportunity to take part in uniformed organisations - the majority coming from poorer backgrounds.

53% of adult volunteers in Scouting support working with schools to grow both the number and diversity of young people Scouting reaches.

Teachers, policy makers, volunteers and young people all have an interest in Scouting working with schools.


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How to partner

Partnerships work best when designed locally between volunteers in Scouting and educational leaders. The research suggests there are three broad types of partnerships:

  • Sharing resources, achievement and promoting existing Scouting
  • Extra-curricular, out-of-school time provision
  • Co-curricular, in-school time provision

I have a role in The Scout Association

The what, why and how of partnering with a school. Resources and toolkits for Section Leaders, Group Scout Leaders and Commissioners​ in Scouting.


Information for volunteers in Scouting

I have a role in supporting a school

The what, why and how of partnering with local Scouting. Resources and toolkits for carers, teachers, non-academic leaders and senior management of schools and academy chains.


Information for educationalists