We want to give more young people the opportunity to be involved in Scouting. Let's see how Scouting and schools can work together

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Future Prepared

Welcome to Future Prepared, which provides adult volunteers in Scouting and teaching staff within schools resources to help form life changing partnerships between formal and non-formal education.

  • What is Future Prepared?

    Future Prepared provides you with best practice, case studies and evidence exploring how to create successful partnerships between Scouting and schools, marrying formal and non-formal education for the benefit of young people.

  • Why partner?

    Scouting wants to reach more young people. Schools are increasingly interested in developing young people outside of the academic curriculum. Young people have told us they want more non-formal education opportunities through their school.

I have a role in The Scout Association

The what, why and how of partnering with a school. Resources and toolkits for Section Leaders, Group Scout Leaders and Commissioners​ in Scouting.

Information for volunteers in Scouting

I have a role in supporting a school

The what, why and how of partnering with local Scouting. Resources and toolkits for carers, teachers, non-academic leaders and senior management of schools and academy chains.

Information for educationalists


Toolkits, research and videos helping you to create successful partnerships between Scouting and schools.

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